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Start with a home page:

Choose your pages:

We communicate by email and build you an impressive custom website!

Choose your website structure

Start by adding the Website Set-up – Starter Pack to your cart, then add whatever you need to customize your website:

Choose Your Pages

$100/page includes design, on-page SEO (search engine optimization), content upload and 1 revision per page.

For E-commerce Stores

Legal and Technical Pages

Install & set up Plugins / Extensions

Why we love this “Choose Your Own Adventure” approach to web design

Remember those choose your own adventure books from when you were a kid? There was something thrilling about that feeling that you are in control of your destiny. We believe websites should be the same way. This is YOUR STORY. We want to help you find the best way to tell it.

Mix and Match Web Design is the future

Our unique approach to mix and match website design lets you simplify and customize every aspect of the website ordering process by choosing the pages and features you actually want. This allows you to understand and control the cost of what you are ordering, so you get exactly what you need.

How does it work?

  1. Just add the WordPress Website Set-up – Starter Pack with Home Page to your cart. For many people, the impressive landing page is all they really need!
  2. For more complex websites, select all the pages and features you like from our shop, and add them to your cart.
  3. After you place your order, we will communicate with you by email throughout the design process. Once we have your content (photos and text) and have agreed on a design, we will make you a 100% responsive website that you can use to build your brand and ‘WOW’ the world.


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