STARTER PACK WITH HOME PAGE – WordPress Website Set-up


Get a gorgeous one-page website with all the bells and whistles!  You can choose from fancy parallax effects, sliders, or background video in the header.  Use this as a stand-alone site, or as the base for a more complex website.

After you add this website starter package to your cart, you can select extra pages and features you want from our Mix and Match Website Shop. 




The WordPress Website Starter Pack with Home Page gets you a stunning one-page website

For many people, one impressive landing page is all they really need!
For more complex websites, simply add this WordPress Website Set-up – Starter Pack with Home Page to your cart, then select all the pages and features you like from our shop.

The WordPress Website Set-up Starter Pack with Home Page comes with…

  • 1 Impressive Home Page
  • Design Customization
  • Content Upload
  • Responsive Design (works on smartphones, tablets, and computers)
  • 3 Plugins/Extensions
  • 3 Revisions
  • 7 Day Delivery
  • This comes installed on your own personal hosting account (if you don’t have one yet, we can help set it up) and working with your content already in it!

*If you don’t have a domain or hosting yet, we can help you set this up.
*If you don’t have your content ready yet, we can deliver your new website with temporary placeholder content.  Once you have your own content ready, you can easily switch it out yourself or purchase a content upload from our shop.


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Need more than just a one-pager for your website?

Add this WordPress Website Set-up – Starter Pack with Home Page to your cart, then select all the pages and features you need from our custom website shop.  Our unique “choose-your-own website” approach allows you to control exactly what you get, and also makes sure you don’t accidentally pay for more than you need.  Prices are based on how much time each element takes to create, install or customize, so seeing the design process clearly like this will also help you prioritize and stay on budget.


What is a WordPress Website, and why do I want one?

Your site will be built with WordPress so you can edit and update the content yourself in the future.

WordPress is the #1 leading content management system in existence. We use it to build next level websites that you will be able to add to easily in the future. This saves you a lot of maintenance fees since most people need to hire someone to do monthly updates so their site will remain functional as the internet evolves over time.  Of course, if you would prefer to have us take care of all your updates, you are welcome to add that to your cart at any time, now or later.