Tremoloft is a recording studio located in Ramot Naftali, in Israel’s Upper Galilee. It is part of the art and design studio complex called Arts Terminal.  Tremoloft is a creative space for producing music with the sounds and vibes of the wide world.  the recording studio is on a mountaintop with nature and inspiration all around.  It was FOUNDED AND OPERATED BY NAARAN BARZILAY, a musician, music producer, and recording engineer who has more than a decade of experience of making in the New York music and art scene.


The studio is equipped with high-end analog and digital recording gear, in addition to a beautiful collection of vintage musical instruments that we’ve collected over the years and brought with us from distant places. The main room received professional acoustic treatment and rings beautifully, with high ceilings and lots of wood-coated walls.  We also provide the option of recording in the other, less conventional rooms in the facility (a huge woodshop space, aN open gallery space with lots of reverb, corridors, a lounge  etc. …)


Have you written amazing music or do you have a revolutionary idea for cover versions?  We can help you uncover the potential and beauty hidden in that music and, if necessary, with all the accompanying artistic aspects as well. From text editing to the fine tuning of your compositions and arrangements, and laying down tracks, playing many instruments, programming, finding harmonies, and creating samples and beats.


At this important stage of music making, every element you have created and added to the recording will receive the treatment it needs until it finds its exact harmonic location in the overall composition.  So once you leave Tremoloft, you’ll have a single, EP or full album that is internet and radio-ready.  


All right, so the recordings are completed and we had fun creating beautiful music together!  Now you have to make sure that these recordings will be presented visually and are up to the same aesthetic and artistic levels as the musical standards we have set.   We have years of experience in these areas as well and can help with the design of album covers, posters, shirts, and other merch, logo designs for artists and bands, video, still photography and video editing, website building for bands and musicians, and content creation for social networks.