Slide Meet Arts Terminal's founders, the artist couple Sarah Zar and Naaran Barzilay. about Arts Terminal is a creative complex located in Northern Israel. It was envisioned and built by two former New Yorkers, the artist couple Sarah Zar and Naaran Barzilay.

After producing a vast body of work in the fields of design, music, and art, the couple made aliyah and founded a one-of-a-kind art space in what was originally the Barzilay family's old chicken coop. They bring their NYC inspiration and experience in:

Building and designing cafes, restaurants, and retail stores.

Fabricating installations for international artists and major event production companies.

Performing, producing, and recording a variety of music projects, ranging from indy rock to folk, electronic and instrumental soundtracks.

Creating and curating art and circus events and shows in the U.S. and abroad.

Drawing, painting, illustration, poetry, video, collage, book editing, custom ketubah design, family tree making, website development, and more!

Now, Arts Terminal is merging into the rising, vibrant Israeli creative scene, and is ready to launch new ideas and innovative projects.


This is a before and after view of a complete renovation of a 'lool' chicken farm building.  Using the resources in our one-stop creative complex, we turned a crumbling old structure into a gorgeous, modern white arts complex with huge German windows.



*COMMERCIAL INTERIOR DESIGN: We design and build successful cafes, bars, retail stores, and restaurants in Central and Northern Israel and abroad.
*WEBSITES: Our custom website design and e-commerce set-up for brands and individuals are 100% responsive.
*MUSIC PRODUCTION: We compose, mix, and arrange songs for musicians and film.
*FINE ART: You can commission paintings and other custom artwork for your home, business, movie sets, or special events.
*ART CLASSES & WORKSHOPS: Check out upcoming drawing classes in the Upper Galilee on Facebook.
*and more!


Custom woodwork and interior design projects for bars, cafes, and restaurants. Composition, pre-production, recording, and mixing. Paintings, drawings, ketubahs, family trees, and websites. perfect video height Custom woodwork and interiors. We specialize in bars, cafes, and restaurants. A music production room. Gallery & artist studios. Painting, drawing, ketubahs, family trees, and websites.

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