I’ve been a huge advocate for GoDaddy for years, for good reason. They used to be amazing! But recently, they’ve been slipping in some pretty important ways and I’ve started trying out alternatives. After exploring my options, I’m officially breaking up with GoDaddy. *This post contains affiliate links, but only for products I know and love.

breaking up with GoDaddy web hosting company


Sorry, GoDaddy, it’s time I see another website hosting company.
Green Geeks treats me better.

    GoDaddy’s customer support used to be AMAZING. From the cool swing music they played when they put you on hold, to the extremely knowledgeable, local service reps always available to help. Over the last year, it seems like every service call has me talking to an overseas rep who doesn’t understand what I’m saying well enough to be of any use whatsoever. On the few times I did reach local service reps, they didn’t know enough to help with complex issues and gave me generic advice like “try waiting and see if that does anything.” Also, they replaced the swing music with elevator music. Not cool, GoDaddy.
    SSL is the thing that keeps your website secure. If you’ve ever clicked a link and seen a warning that a website ‘my not be secure’, that’s because the owner didn’t install an SSL certificate. Usually people navigate away the second they see that warning, which is why every single website these days needs SSL. Luckily, most decent hosting companies now include an SSL certificate with your domain purchase. Not GoDaddy. They charge you extra. And on top of that, something is wrong with their SSL installation procedure. Something ALWAYS GOES WRONG, ending up with hours on hold, multiple times, and wait times of as long as 72 HOURS between installing the SSL and being able to take your website live. That is an unacceptable delay. On SiteGround, I recently installed an SSL certificate, and it was properly configured within MINUTES.
    As you can see, I’ve been really unhappy with GoDaddy lately. I build websites for tons of clients, so I want to make sure that the hosting company I recommend gives tip-top service at the highest quality. Whatever happened to GoDaddy, they no longer live up to my (admittedly lofty) expectations for a modern hosting company. I was curious how much I’m spending yearly on GoDaddy products, because I’m considering a change. So I navigated to my Renewals & Billing page and discovered that IT IS ACTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO SEE HOW MUCH I AM SPENDING ON GODADDY PRODUCTS PER YEAR. How is this legal? I’m a customer. I want to see my financials. Why so shady, GoDaddy?

    So that was the last straw, and now I’m officially breaking up with GoDaddy. I’ve been testing out alternative hosts, and after a lot of testing, I’m most impressed with Green Geeks.  


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