How To Edit Elementor in English on RTL Websites

One minute you’re creating a gorgeous website for your client in a foreign language (which you don’t speak), and the next, you realize your Elementor editor window is no longer in your own language!  How ever will you go on?  Here’s the fix…

Fig 1. Why you might want to do thisIt seems shocking that Elementor doesn’t show the preferred language of the logged in WordPress User in the admin dashboard, doesn’t it? I know a lot of web designers end up designing websites for clients with Hebrew and Arabic content (both right to left languages), even if the designers only speak English. If you’re one of those people, you’ve probably come across the perplexing fact that the second you switch the website content to your client’s language, you can no longer read your own Elementor control panel. This is a very silly feature that will hopefully change in a future update, but until then, I thought I’d share this simple way to turn your Elementor Editor back to your mother tongue while still viewing the client’s content in another language. I recently came across an easy fix by Code Star Matteo Greco, and decided to spread his amazing and simple solution so you won’t have to search as hard as I did for the answer.

“In case you have to support multiple languages and you want to reset Elementor’s language only for users using the en_US locale…[read  on]” – Matteo-Greco



The DIY way to switch the Elementor Editor to English for RTL websites.
3 easy/free steps to get the Elementor panel to display in English while editing an rtl (right to left) language on WordPress.


STEP 1 – Install this free plugin

Want me to install the plugin for you?  You can hire me to do that on Fiverr.



STEP 2 – Copy/paste the code

You will see a little scissor icon appear in your WordPress admin dashboard labeled “Snippets”.
– Look underneath it, and click “ADD NEW”.
– Copy the code from Matteo-Greco’s comment HERE.
– Post it under where it says ‘Code‘ in your snippet area, next to the 1.
– Fill everything in so it looks like this, and click ‘Save Changes‘:

An easy & free solution from coding Star Matteo Greco to get an English Elementor panel while editing an rtl (right to left) language website.


Step 3 – There is no step 3!

If you go to edit in Elementor, most of the buttons in the editing panel should now be in English.



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*Bonus tip: if your WordPress dashboard is in the wrong language, you can update the language preference for each WordPress User. Dashboard > USERS > username –>edit > Language (select language) > Update Profile.