Web Design Portfolio

We’ve spent over 15 years working on creative projects in NY, which means we’re experienced, efficient, and polite.  Our digital specialty is customizing fully responsive WordPress websites, from start to finish. We’ve created e-commerce websites for retail brands in Manhattan, and worked closely with freelancers and new business owners to create beautiful websites for *retail shops *therapists *architects *artists *musicians *photographers *bands *event spaces *designers *creatives *restaurants *cafes *yoga studios *Universities *non-profit organizations *start-ups *and more! 

Can I see some Ecommerce samples?

Yes, of course! We’ve been out of new York for a couple years now, so the new webmasters for the older projects have made many changes on the live sites. These pictures show you how the sites looked when we first built them. As you can see, the style for each one is very different because the clients all had very different requests. We can make any kind of ‘look’ you choose.

  • Custom website design
  • If you have an existing WordPress website, we can turn it into an online store for you using WooCommerce
  • 1 time wordpress website updates maintenance help for $35

I need a website. How much will it cost?

That’s up to you! Our unique mix and match custom website shop helps you create exactly the website you need. Just add the elements you want to your cart. View your cart at any time to see the design cost. From there you can add or remove items until you get exactly the right combination of features for your brand and budget. Our unique “choose-your-own website” approach allows you to control exactly what you get, and also makes sure you don’t accidentally pay for more than you need.  Our prices are based on how much time each element takes to create, install or customize. It is our belief that seeing the design process clearly like this will help you prioritize and stay on budget. Our fancy one-pager websites start at $350, and you can build a more complex site by adding on extra features in our web store to create your own custom package. After you complete your order, we communicate by email to create a responsive, SEO optimized web design for your business.

What will my website look like?

Technology has advanced so quickly these days, that it is possible to create almost any look! We usually use blank templates so we can control every aspect of your design and use all sorts of fancy elements wherever we want them. Sliders, parallax effects, you name it (you can see many examples on this website’s pages)! Before we begin the design process, we email with our clients to understand what styles they like, and work to create something special within their genre. If it helps you to see some options, when you email us, let us know what type of website styles you’re interested in. We can show you some relevant themes to reference as a starting point, then customize a more unique look for you.

I chose my custom website elements from the shop, but I want a REALLY FANCY design with sliders and special effects. How do I get those?

They’re already included! All of our website elements can be as traditional or cutting edge as you like. The price stays the same, so you can have your cake, and eat it too. Ready to order a website design?