Custom Watercolor Ketubahs

We love to design custom ketubah artwork for creative couples based on their unique love story.  Couples are encouraged to order their ketubah 4-8 weeks before the wedding, so there will be plenty of time for shipping and display preparations.  Below, we have a few classic ketubah styles that we keep on hand for couples looking for an original ketubah very close to their wedding date.  If you are in a hurry, you can choose a variation on one of these designs, and we will add in any text you choose as quickly as possible.  If there is time, we will use artistic handwriting or calligraphy.  If the order is in an extreme rush, we can use printing techniques to speed up the completion of the text.  The flora and fauna can be changed into other mythical or woodland creatures, and all details can still be personalized.  We ship internationally within 3-5 days of artwork completion.