Responsive Website for a Bone Remodeling Doctor’s Clinic

This was a complete redesign of an existing WordPress website for a bone remodelling clinic in California.  I selected a gentler color palette (known to perform well on medical websites) to make the process seem less intimidating.  You can see the difference clearly on the contact page below:


(The PDF will open in a new window.)

When this site was brought to Arts Terminal for a redesign, we thought they were offering customers a terrifying surgical procedure. The medical images were cringe-worthy. The haphazard design created a feeling of tension and discomfort.  After seeing their original website, we were shocked to discover that the procedure didn’t involve painful shots or surgery! In fact, the process is a fairly holistic one. It was clear that the online presentation of this service needed a complete overhaul.

We used Elementor Pro to create an uplifting design flow and show that this is actually a non-invasive procedure that works in collaboration with the body’s natural growth processes. The client wanted to present a massive amount of scientific information, so Elementor’s toggle and accordion blocks were instrumental in hiding some of it until it was relevant and keeping the design clean. The shape dividers reminiscent of smiles reinforce the brand’s message that this process will help improve your smile.  The new design feels lighter and more approachable, and now scrolling through it makes me smile.

*Note: the client has since changed some of the text and images, but you can still get a feeling for the movement of the site in the video here or on their website,