Are you opening a restaurant, bar, or cafe in Israel?

opening a restaurant, bar, or cafe in Israel
If you are planning to open a new business in Israel, congratulations! We are experienced designers, here to help you through every step of the commercial interior design process.

We will design & build your restaurant interiors and your website

Arts Terminal offers complete physical and digital business design services. When you have an impressive and unique interior and website design, people are more likely to spend money at your business and tell their friends. Great design means more sales. We’ve built successful restaurants for American and Isreali clients for the last 10 years. Are you ready to become one of them?

Our Process

We start by listening to your needs and vision. After that, we do a walk-through of the space where your business will open. Next, we will work with you on every phase of the design, to create a unified business identity. We take care of your concept, then your branding and website development, and most importantly, we design and build both your interior and exterior spaces. We’ve designed many successful businesses throughout New York City. For instance, we’ve created restaurants, bars, cafes, organic pharmacies, high-end boutique shops, and retail locations. If you are ready to start designing your new business in Israel today, then it’s time to contact us for a consultation.


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