Commercial Interior Design in the Upper Galilee

We gave special attention to every single detail of this custom bar/restaurant’s commercial interior design. And the owners gave the same attention to detail to every dish on their menu. As a result, it enjoyed a lot of media success, which led to an increase in sales. They now have 3 successful locations in the U.S. and are getting ready to open the 4th bar in London.

You might be wondering…

Does commercial interior design in the Upper Galilee really make that much of a difference? Let’s see.

redo your boring commercial interior design
the best commercial interior design makes restaurants, bars, and cafes get better reviews and more shares on social media.

… are boring! When people walk into an average restaurant, they sit and order, and leave. It doesn’t matter how good the food is, they won’t go out of their way to tell anyone about it. Because there’s no story. The brand has no identity, and therefore inspires no loyalty from customers. It’s just one big missed opportunity.


When people walk in, they immediately feel like they’ve “arrived” somewhere special. The environment takes them out of the ordinary world and creates a mood, an atmosphere, and an instant understanding of the restaurant’s identity. Because care went into the physical space, people enjoy their time more. It isn’t just a place to sit. It’s an experience. No matter what the food tastes like, more people will take photos of the restaurant, the food, and their friends having a good time there. They will be excited to share your restaurant on social media because they are proud to be trendsetters. It’s a pleasure to introduce people to this new restaurant because being there is an experience.

Why does great commercial interior design in the Upper Galilee lead to more profit for bars, cafes, and restaurants?

Easy. Ask yourself this: Where would you rather bring a date?

My business is not in a big city. Is design that important?

If you think that amazing commercial interior design in the Upper Galilee is less important than it is in big cities, think again. In smaller places, word spreads more quickly, and a phenomenal design can attract even more attention because there is less competition. When a community sees that you care about design, they understand that you are invested in them. And that makes them feel more connected to your business. Which again leads to more profit for you.


  • … builds brand identity, so people feel connected to the place.
  • … creates a space for experiences, so people want to share it with friends and family.
  • …encourages people to share on social media simply by being awesome.
  • …IS MEMORABLE, so people keep coming back for more.
  • …has much better sales than a bland design.

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